Shurtape Office and Specialty Packaging Tape

We offer ofice and specialty tapes for a range of applications including packaging, bag sealing, holding, and everyday office use.

Shurtape CT 109 Office and Specialty Tape

Used where a biodegradable tape is needed. Adhesive properties allow it to stick to hard-to-stick-to surfaces. High tensile strength makes it an excellent choice.

Shurtape TG 356 Office and Specialty Tape

General purpose adhesive transfer tape. Made for mounting and holding various substrates, joining paper, cardboard, textiles, plastics, leather, wood, glass, and painted surfaces.

Shurtape PP 808 Office and Specialty Tape

Moisture-resistant tape for light-weight bag sealing, banding, bundling, packaging. Will hold in sub-freezing temperatures.

Shurtape VF 719 Office and Specialty Tape

1.9 mil General purpose, printable UPVC film, high tack, natural rubber adhesive. se with hand dispenser to seal cartons with recycled fiber content, heavy ink coverage, or rough surfaces. Excellent choice...