Shurtape WP 200 Water-Activated Paper Case Sealing Tape

Shurtape Water Activated Paper WP 200 Carton and Case Sealing Tape

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  • Production purpose grade
  • Water activated adhesive
  • Reinforced paper tape

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Production Grade Reinforced Water-Activated Case Sealing Tape

Production grade reinforced paper tape. Starch based water-activated adhesive provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugated surfaces. Fiberglass reinforcing filaments provide superior tensile strength and optimum security for medium-duty packaging applications.


Production grade
Reinforced paper tape
Water-activated adhesive
ASTM D 5749, Type I, Class 2; CID A-A-1492B; CID A-A-1671B


Industrial packaging
Medium duty carton sealing with normal manufacturing and handling stress

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Specifications of WP 200 Case Sealing Tape

Specification Standard Metric ASTM Test Method
Service Temperature Min -20° F -29° N/A
Service Temperature Max 120° F 49° C N/A
Application Temperature Min 33° F 0.6° C N/A
Application Temperature Max 110° F 43° C N/A
Top Sheet Weight 23 lbs 10.4 kg N/A
Bottom Sheet Weight 25 lbs 11.3 kg N/A
MD Pattern 1-1-1-1-1 1-1-1-1-1 N/A
MD Spacing 9/16 in 1.4 cm N/A
MD Tensile Strength 53 lbs / in 92.8 N / 10 mm D 828
CD Tensile Strength 27 lbs / in 47.3 N / 10 mm D 828
CD Spacing 1 in 2.5 cm N/A
Values obtained from tests do not represent a guarantee of product performance. Individual rolls may vary slightly from these averages. We recommend the user to determine whether the product is fit for a particular purpose and method of application.

WP 200 Available Sizes

Color Dimensions Rolls per Case Pounds per Case Cases per Pallet
Natural 72mm x 115m (375 ft) 8 22 60
Natural 72mm x 138m (450 ft) 10 32 60
Natural 76mm x 115m (375 ft) 8 22 0
Natural 76mm x 138m (450 ft) 10 31 60
White 72mm x 115m (375 ft) 8 21 60
White 72mm x 138m (450 ft) 10 32 60
White 76mm x 115m (375 ft) 8 22 0
White 76mm x 138m (450 ft) 10 34 60