Sealed Air Kevothermal Vacuum Insulation Panels

Sealed Air Kevothermal Vacuum Insulation Panels

At a Glance

  • Insulate up to eight times with superior R-Value of 40.0, better than fiberglass or foam
  • Maintains the right temperture range up to 120 hours
  • Ultra thin construction is cube optimized to optimize footprint

Insulate Up to 8x Better than Fiberglass and Foam

Sealed Air Kevothermal vacuum insulation panels use patented technology to achieve high levels of thermal insulation in a slim design. Cryogenic to 60°C, they are designed for applications that require superior R-Value performance. Kevothermal vacuum insulation panels insulate up to eight times better than alternative insulation materials such as fiberglass or foam.

Vacuum Insulation Panels

These panels are comprised of a low density core material encapsulated in a low conductivity protective barrier film from which the air has been evacuated. The result is a much higher thermal performance to ensure products remain safe throughout prolonged journeys.

Thermal Performance

Vacuum insulation panels have an unmatched thermal performance with an R Value of 40.0, ensuring the payload in the shipper remains in the right temperture range over a longer duration, up to 120 hours. Vacuum insulation panels can operate anywhere between -80°C up to 60°C providing a solution for a wide array of requirements. Unmatched thermal performance reduces refrigerant usage and decreases package dimensional weight.

Product Lifetime

Vacuum insulation panel shippers can be designed as single use or with multiple shipments in mind and provide consistent performance over a long period. Shippers have an expected lifetime of 5 years and can be constructed with a range of barrier film choices for different applications.


Its ultra thin construction means the product is cube optimized to optimize footprint, can be put into industrial recycling, and is reusable. Materials are environmentally neutral, industrial recyclable and CFC- and HFC-free.

Features & Benefits

Maximum thermal protection, cryogenic to 60°C
Ultra-slim design for space and freight cost savings
Class A fire and smoke rating for building products
Industrial recyclable
Control thermal conduction for up to 120 hours
Mold, fungi, and rodent resistant
Environmentally neutral; CFC- and HFC-free

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