Contract Variety Packaging Services

Contract Variety Packaging Services

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Contract Variety Packaging Services Contract Combo Bundling Services

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Variety, Combo, Rainbow, and Promotional Multi-Packs

With Qual Pac's variety packaging services, bring several products into one package for a special promotion or for a long term retail presence. We specialize in handling combined products with efficiency and care. To create an exciting new combination package of bottles, cans, or boxes, we utilize shrink bundling with full color registered printing. For a variety of bagged products, we collect them into a box or tray and shrink wrap the whole new variety pack for retail.

Contract Variety and Multi-Pack Packaging Services

Qual Pac specializes in creating exciting new variety packages of retail bagged products. Our experienced team of product handlers knows how collect a combination of products with remarkable speed and accuracy into a tray or carton for the greatest retail appeal. Variety packaging in trays and boxes gives your products the added benefit of being assembled into large retail displays.

Registered Print Combo Bundling Services

Combine multiple products into combo, variety, and rainbow packs with our print-registered shrink bundling services. Our printed shrink bundling film markets your products directly on your package. Quickly change advertising promotions and campaigns by simply changing your film.