Cryovac Shrink Film

Cryovac Shrink Film

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At a Glance

  • Provides tamper-evident protection
  • Crystal clear to reveal the details and graphics of your product
  • Thinner stronger film results in a reduction in the number of roll changeovers

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CT (Cryovac Technology) Micro-Layered Shrink Film

Versatile and popular, Cryovac shrink film solves a wide variety of retail packaging needs. Completely enclosing your product, shrink wrapped packaging provides tamper-evident protection. Shrink film comes crystal clear to reveal the details and graphics of your product.

CT shrink film meets sustainable packaging needs without compromising performance or value. CT micro-layered shrink film offers significant source reduction with a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional film technology. Simply put, thinner gauges of innovative CT film are equal in strength and performance to other thicker shrink films.

Strength and Functionality

CT shrink film has equal or improved packaging performance with 30% to 50% packaging weight reduction. With excellent optics, this film has highest clarity and lowest haze for improved retail appeal.

Increased Value for Your Packaging Costs

Up to 50% reduction in number of roll changeovers means increased uptime, higher throughput, and improved labor utilization. With smaller rolls, your storage space for packaging supplies will be reduced. CT film requires lower shrink tunnel temperatures giving you energy savings.

Lowered Environmental Impact

Up to 50% packaging weight reduction means less raw material and related processing energy consumed, reduced number of cores, cartons, and pallets, and up to 50% reduction of related post-consumer waste.

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