Autobag AB 145 High-Speed Semi-Automatic Bagger

Autobag AB 145 High-Speed Semi-Automatic Bagger

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Autobag AB 145 High-Speed Semi-Automatic Bagger Autobag AB 145 High-Speed Semi-Automatic Bagger Layout

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Designed to be used in situations where tie-in to infeed systems such as counters and scales is not required, the AB 145 is a cost-effective entry-level introduction to semi-automated bag filling and sealing. Simple and easy to use capable of bagging at speeds up to 45 bags per minute, the AB 145 offers packaging consistency, dependability and speed at an affordable price.

Utilizing Autobag Bag-on-a-Roll technology the AB 145 gives maximum operational flexibility with its ability to change pack-size in under 2 minutes making it ideal for those operations with variable run lengths, but yet requiring speed and packaging consistency.

Combine with an Autobag AutoLabel thermal transfer printer for a complete Print-n-Pack system enabling packaging efficiency by eliminating the need for a separate labeling operation, which facilitates maximum productivity per operator.

User Benefits

Quick to set-up, easy to operate, fast and reliable bag packaging.
Extremely flexible. Change bag sizes easily in less than 2 minutes.
Operator friendly AutoTouch Control Screen for easy job set-up and recall.
On-board diagnostics and Replace-n-Repair components for maximum uptime.
Combine with an AutoLabel Printer for a simple Print-n-Pack bagging and labeling system.

Typical Applications

Automotive & Appliance Parts
Electrical & Electronic Parts
Plumbing & Heating
Jewelry & Novelty Items
Disposable Health Care
Hardware & DIY
Fasteners & Connectors
Hobby & Craft Kits
Cosmetics & Beauty Aids

Features of the AB 145

Color AutoTouch 10 inch control screen interface offers operator tutorials, data storage, help system and diagnostics.
Performance monitoring production: rates per job, bags-per-minute/hour, etc.
Simple Dancer Tension Assembly for basic web control.
On board memory stores job data ready for recall at a later time.
AutoThread automatic bag threading for quick and easy set up and change over.
Simple mechanical height adjustment for added operator comfort.
Multiple language choice - English, Spanish, French and German available on the touch screen.
Castor mounted for easy relocation.


Powered unwind
Trim seal
Bag deflators
Seal flatteners
Product load shelf
Dual optical palm switches
Sectionalized in-feed trays
Range of in-feed funnels
Spare parts kits

Specifications of the AB 145

Weight: 260 lbs. (118 kg)
Electrical: 110/220 VAC switchable 50/60 Hz
Air Feed: 5 CFM/80 psi of clean, dry air
Width: 34 in. (86 cm)
Height: 32 to 43 in. (81 to 109 cm)
Depth: 41 in. (104 cm)
Pass-Through: 2.63 to 4.25 in. (6.7 to 10.8 cm)
Bag Thickness: 1.0 to 4.0 mil
Bag Sizes: W 3.5 to 11 in. L 3.5 to 22 in.