Vision Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Arpac Vision Series Convection Shrink Tunnels

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Now you can view your product as it shrinks. Arpac's Vision Series has a variety of features for reliable operation. The unique viewing window and illuminated shrink chamber allows for instant quality control. Double insulation ensures consistent uniform shrink and energy efficiency.

Vision Series shrink tunnels are well insulated with variable upper and lower air velocity controls, a variable speed conveyor system and a very positive, consistently controlled shrink chamber temperature.

Features of the Vision Series

Ideal for Automatic L-bar Sealers, and horizontal shrink wrappers.
Convection-style heating system.
Quality control viewing window.
Illuminated shrink chamber.
Double insulated shrink chamber.
Variable speed tunnel belts.


Wide variety of chamber sizes.
Stainless steel construction.
Multiple zones.
Hot plate for high shrink control.
Air clutch evacuation.
Spare parts kits.

Film Types