Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper

Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Shrink Wrap Equipment

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The M-22 Automatic Multi-Packer consists of a specially modified S-24C High Production L-Sealer on which an automatic right-angle accumulating infeed has been installed for orienting and grouping a series of products.

The basic components of the infeed are a product feeding conveyor, an accumulating conveyor, and a specialized right-angle inserting unit for feeding the grouping of products into the sealing areas. Available accessories include right-angle transfer mechanisms, product up-enders, product up-stackers, and special product- accumulating conveyors.

Features of the M-22

Fully Automatic Operation
Maximum Bundle Size - 15"W x 15"L x 8"H (15"W x 24"L x 8"H multi-stroke)
Speed - 10 to 15 bundles per minute
Floor Space - 5 1/2' x 8 1/2' (exclusive of infeed conveyors)