Shanklin GT-71 Extended Chamber Shrink Heat Tunnel

Shanklin GT-71 Shrink Wrap Tunnel

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Shanklin GT-71 Shrink Wrap Tunnel Shanklin GT-71 Shrink Wrap Tunnel Plan View

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The Shanklin GT-71 High Speed Shrink Tunnel combines versatility, technology and performance.

Advanced temperature control, variable air velocity, and dual-directional conveyor drive provide improved shrink package appearance and application flexibility.

Features of the GT-71 Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Temperature Control - Digital controller and software hold chamber temperature to +/- 1 degree. The temperature control system actively monitors chamber conditionsand automatically optimizes the heater on/off sequence.Combined with the in-chamber, dual-speed fans, the system provides consistent, even temperature throughout the tunnel chamber resulting in optimal package appearance.
Dual-Directional Conveyor Drive - Conveyor drive may be wired and/or relocated for right-to-left or left-to-right production flow for ease of operation.
Chamber Viewing Windows - Product viewing windows are installed on both sides of the chamber to provide greater feedback for adjustments to the shrink process. Windows are easily removable for servicing the tunnel chamber.
Reduced Energy Consumption - New air velocity design, lower wattage heaters and increased insulation result in lower energyconsumption.

Specifications of the GT-71 Extended Chamber Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Specification GT-71 Tunnel
Tunnel Passage
12" high x 22" wide x 60" long
Tunnel Size
39.5" wide x 68 1/2" high x 84" long
Conveyor Height
29" minimum, 42" maximum
Conveyor Speeds
Variable to 140 ft./min.
Blower Motor
3/4 hp, 3 phase
Multiple finstrip (encased element)
230V, 3 phase, 49 amps
11.5 KVA max (6 KVA normal usage)

Plan View of the GT-71 Shrink Wrap Tunnel