CP2 High Speed Commercial Printing Strapping Machine

Dynaric CP2 strapping machine

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Dynaric CP2 strapping machine CP2 Fully Automatic Commercial Printing Strapping Machine Layout

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The CP-2 is the second machine in the CP series printing strapping system. It is designed to be used as the cross strap machine in conjunction with the CP-1. The bundle can be oriented for cross strapping by use of a Dynaric bump table or by the use of a 90 right angle conveyor transfer.

The CP-2 is also used in several applications as the first position strapper. Since the CP-2 is equipped with a conveyor belt table top to efficiently discharge the cross bundle from the system, it is ideal to marry with stackers that do not push fully into the strapper.

Features of the CP2

High speed - 40 bundles per minute.
Programmable logic controller.
Automatic strap feeding.
Digital diagnostic display for troubleshooting.
Bundle conditioning system - air operated.
Calibrated bundle guides and stops for quick adjustment.
Warning light system.
Swing arm command control panel.
External tension control.
Hinged conveyor tops and (3) access panels.
Foam covered clamp for product protection.
Mechanically actuated, segmented track.
Accepts 5mm, 6mm.
Removable dispenser - simplifies coil change.

Specifications of the CP2

Overall Depth 22.8" (580 mm)
Overall Width 60.7" (1543 mm)
Overall Height 72.8" (1850 mm)
Table Height 32.9" (835 mm)
Weight 1100 lbs (500 kg)
Cycle Time 40 Bundles Per Minute
Strap Size 5.8 mm
Sealing Method Heat Seal
Bundle Size W: 5.2" - 8.6"
H: .4" - 14.1"
L: 7.9" - 12.2"
Compressed Air 24 CFM, 90 PSI
Power 230 / 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60Hz