Shurtape Flatback Paper Tape

Whether you run a packaging line, shipping dock, warehouse, or all of the above, you are using taping materials. For securing products to be shipped, tape's usefulness cannot be understated. Available as pressure-sensitive or water-activated adhesive, hand or machine applied, plastic or paper backed, our tape's high adhesion and tensile strength provide reliable seals in any environment.

FP 96 Flatback Paper Case Sealing Tape

General purpose grade, extensible kraft flat paper, high tack, rubber based adhesive, packaging and splicing. Hand and machine carton sealing, splicing of various substrates. General purpose packaging, binding, holding, tabbing, reinforcing,...

FP 97 Flatback Paper Case Sealing Tape

Packaging grade, extensible kraft flatback paper, high tack, solventless rubber-based adhesive. Designed for hand and machine carton sealing and splicing applications. Shurtape Flatback Paper FP 97 Case Sealing Tape FP 97...

FP 202 Flatback Paper Case Sealing Tape

Premium grade, heavy duty bleached flat paper, high tack, rubber-based adhesive, packaging and splicing. Excellent choice for splicing and hand and machine carton sealing applications as well as in general purpose...