Emplex AZ 450 Table Top Vacuum Sealer

Emplex AZ 450 Table Top Vacuum Sealer

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Emplex AZ 450 Table Top Vacuum Sealer

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The Emplex AZ 450 is a table top, nozzle type bag sealer with vacuum sealing and nitrogen gas flushing capabilities. This pneumatic sealer is capable of vacuum packing and sealing all types of heat sealable bags up to 17" in width, with film thickness up to 10 mil. Designed for 24/7 operation, made from stainless steel, this vacuum sealer is suitable for all production environments.

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Electrical: 110 volts, 6 amps
Machine Weight: 35 Kg
Sealing Bar Length: 450 mm / 18"
Standard Seal Width: 5 mm / 1/5"
Vacuum Pump: Ejector vacuum pump type, oil vacuum pump, oilless vacuum pump
Required Air Pressure: 60-80 PSI @ 5 CFM
Max. Instantaneous Consumed Electricity: 1.8 - 4.0 KW (relying on sealing bar length and width)
Max. Final Vacuum: Generally 85kPa using ejector type vacuum pump
Vacuum Creation: Timer controlled / vacuum sensor controlled
Gas Flushing/Sealing/Cooling: Timer controlled
Vacuum Visualisation: Appears digitally on LCD panel of control box