Hurricane Fin Seal Flow Wrap Machine

PFM Hurricane Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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PFM Hurricane Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment PFM Hurricane Fin Seal Flow Pack Packaging Equipment Layout PFM Hurricane Control Panel

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This versatile, high-speed flowrap packaging machine produces closed packages with three sealed edges from a reel of heat-sealable wrapping material.

Strong, Attractive Packaging
With the special design of the forming box, optimum timer, and rollers for film transfer, the Hurricane wraps products perfectly, producing accurate, crease free seals.

Flexibility and Quick Size Change
The Hurricane wraps a wide range of products from the food, stationery, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Changing the set up for differently sized products is quick and easy. Simply use two hand-wheels to make adjustments to the package length and to the speed of the sealing crimpers.

Heat-Sealable Materials
The Hurricane can use heat-sealable materials such as laminated or bonded polypropylene, polyethylene, micro-perforated, and shrink-wrap materials.

Features of the Hurricane

Conforms to EEC standards.
2 M long infeed conveyor belt with quick-release and interchangeable pushers.
2 hand wheels with numerical reference system for adjusting pack length and crimper speed.
Forming box with adjustable height and width for different size products.
3 sets of wheels for longitudinal sealing: the first draws the wrapping material, the second seals the material and the third folds the flap.
Self-centering reel holder with brake.
600 mm long motorized discharge conveyor.
All product contact parts are built in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Carbon steel frame, standard colour white RAL 9010 or AISI 304 stainless steel version.

Models Available

Extra Wide Mechanical: 750 mm reel, 350 mm sealing unit.
Electronic: 500 mm reel, 250 mm sealing unit.
Shrink: Shrink-wrap materials with crossways and lengthways flush sealing system, excess material recovered.

Product Dimensions

Width: Min: 40mm, Max: 350mm
Height: Up to: 140mm
Length: Min: 5mm, Max: 220mm

Technical Data

Packaging Materials: Laminated, bonded or micro-perforated polypropylene; polyethylene; heat-shrinkable materials with trimmed seals
Packaging Speed: Up to 100 package per minute
Time to Change Setup: About 3 minutes
Reel Width: Max: 500mm
Reel Diameter: Max: 350mm
Sealing Crimpers: Width: 250mm, Quantity: 1 - 2
Weight: 350 Kg
Power Consumption: 3,5 Kw
Power Supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz

Hurricane Extra Wide

A high degree of operating flexibility with excellent production capacity for extra large packages.
Reel width up to 750mm and sealing unit up to 350mm.
Photocell for print registration.
Multi pitch infeed for products width various lengths.
Double reel holder.
Pre-heating of the first set of fin wheels for speeds greater than 100 packages per minute.
Two-up sealing crimper jaws for smaller products and higher speeds.
Date printer.
Shrink Version.

Hurricane Extra Wide Electronic

Two brushless motors for independent control of the longitudinal and transversal sealing units.
Adjustment of the bag length by means of an alphanumerical keyboard.
Automatic print centering in real time.