Inline Filling Systems FNETSEMI2 Semi-Autom Net Weigh Filling Machines

Inline Filling Systems FNET8-TG Large-Platform Automatic Net Weigh Filling Machines

At a Glance

  • Lower-cost option for filling
  • Operator is needed only for loading bottles and cycle initiation
  • Up to 3000 bottles per day

Large Special Function Filling Platforms for Large Containers

Inline Filling Systems FNETSEMI2 semi-automatic net weigh filling machines are a lower-cost option for filling with the option to fully automate in the future.

The operator is needed only for loading bottles, followed by single cycle operation initiated by pushbutton. Bottle management and filling sequence is electronically controlled entirely by the filling machine.


3000 containers per day.
Semi-automatic production.
Diving head.

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