Shanklin Shrink Wrap Equipment

Pro Pac offers the best shrink wrapping equipment in the industry: Shanklin. With a Shanklin machine, you get more than simply a piece of high-performance shrink-packaging equipment. You also gain the benefits from decades of experience and dedication to excellence in the design and manufacture of shrink wrap machines. Remarkable performance, maximized ease of operation, and long-lasting durability are built into every Shanklin machine.

Shanklin L-Sealer Shrink Wrap Equipment

Increase productivity without investing in the cost of a high-speed wrapping line. Our line of Shanklin L-Sealers includes semi-automatic shrink wrap machines and fully automatic models.

Shanklin Form-Fill Seal Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shanklin form-fill shrink wrappers are the shrink machines of choice for many high volume shrink packaging systems, delivering reliable high-speed shrink packaging for today's industrial workplace.

Shanklin Shrink Wrap Tunnels

Simple, reliable, and hard-working, Shanklin high-performance shrink wrap tunnels are built to last, engineered to perform, and priced for optimum value.