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Your Resource for Packaging Equipment, Packaging Materials, and Contract Packaging Services

Professional Packaging Systems is the oldest packaging distributor of equipment and materials in the Southwest. Pro Pac was founded in 1971 with our corporate office in Grand Prairie, Texas, and with US regional branches in Oklahoma City, El Paso, and Brownsville.

With decades of experience in the packaging industry, the professionals at Pro Pac can help you determine the best packaging solutions for your business.

Quality Packaging was acquired in 1983 and provides primary and secondary food packaging services, e-commerce, order fulfillment, and distribution services, and many other re-packing and co-packing services. Qual Pac runs high volumes with tight deadlines in facilities located in Grand Prairie (DFW), TX, Sugar Land (Houston), TX, Charlotte, NC, and Olathe (Kansas City), KS.

Pro Pac Integration was established in 1998 and offers custom-designed completely-integrated packaging lines. Our professionals at Pro Pac can engineer a cost-effective packaging process that is perfectly suited for your products, your production, and your facility.

Our ways of doing business have grown over the years as technology evolves, but the foundation on which the company was built remains the same. A group of honest, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals are dedicated to offer superior packaging machines, materials, and services to companies looking to improve how their products go to market.

Contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your packaging solutions.