Carton Loaders & Sealers, Folding Cartons, Contract Cartoning Services

Carton pack your products with Econoseal carton erecting, loading, and sealing equipment designed to optimize speed with long-lasting durability. Available in stock and custom die cut and printed carton designs, our chipboard folding cartons are a great choice for many retail products. Don't want to buy equipment? Have a million cartons to pack? Every month? We specialize in manual and high-speed automatic carton packing.

Carton and Tray Formers

Pro Pac offers Adco and Econoseal carton formers, folding carton machines, carton loaders, cartoners, tray formers and tray loaders, case packers, and wrap-around packaging machines.

RockTenn SBS and CRB Folding Carton Paperboard

Chipboard folding cartons are an inexpensive classic packaging option for your products. High quality paperboard allows a wide range of packaging for food and non-food markets. A variety of paperboards are available, each offering unique substrate functionality and fulfilling distribution requirements.

Contract Food Carton Loading Services

We specialize in carton packing food products. Our automatic carton loading services are ideal for loading multiples of the same food product. For variety packaging, our trained operators will carefully load your cartons with extraordinary efficiency.