Sustainability Is a Way of Life

Professional Packaging Systems is committed to supporting environmental sustainability.

We want you to be informed about how we are meeting our sustainability goals. We also want to help you meet your sustainability priorities for home and business.

Have a look at how we are improving our environmental impacts.

Pro Pac Sustainability Mission
Pro Pac Effective Packaging Efficiency
Pro Pac Renewables in Material Handling & Operations
Pro Pac Ecologically Considerate Packaging

Utilize sustainability resources below to find ways you can go a little - or even a lot - greener.

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Sustainability through Pro Pac and a Variety of Resources

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We are here to help you reach your sustainability goals with our service and product offerings. We also want to provide other valuable sustainability resources.

Sustainability Resources
Downgauging Reduces Material Consumption & Costs
Home, Business & Government Sustainability Resources
Three Pillars of Environmental Social, Governance (ESG)
Glossary of Sustainability Terms
Glossary of Recycling & Solid Waste Terms

Contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 to discuss how we can help you meet your sustainability goals.