Sustainability Is a Way of Life

Environmental sustainability is more than an attitude. It is a vital part of how we conduct our business.

Many of our packaging materials are designed to minimize waste, conserve resources, reduce landfill contribution, limit pollution, and help with the process of recycling.

A Range of Ecologically Considerate Packaging Solutions

Our commitment to a healthy environment is reflected throughout the packaging materials we offer.

Did you know that we offer blister cards and folding cartons with aqueous coatings and plant-based inks? Our fiberboard materials are avaiable with up to 100% recycled content. We supply void fill and protective packaging materials that have recycled content and are biodegradable. Many of the poly bags we provide are produced in a facility that operates on 100% renewable energy. Did you know that our shrink sleeves are designed to be lighter than water so that these materials float to help keep the recycling stream of bottles free of contaminates?

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