Pro Pac Effective Packaging Efficiency

Our customers want the most sustainable packaging available - and the least amount of it - to securely protect their products.

Effective product packaging reduces damage, prevents unnecessary return and re-order shipping, and keeps products from reaching landfill before they are used.

Packaging material right-sizing reduces the amount of packaging over-use, scrap, and waste.

Downgauging uses thinner film to equally protect products and pallet loads.

More sustainable packaging materials such as recyclable and recycled material engage a more circular process instead of heading straight for landfill.

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Rolls of packaging film being split into various widths

Effective Product Protection

Shipping box of food with paper cushioning

Effectively protecting products ensures that they reach their destination without damage.

Product protection prevents damaged products from ending up in landfills as well as preventing repeat shipments for replacements.

Thoughtful protective packaging with minumum materials includes single retail packages, master shippers, as well as entire pallet loads.

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Material Reducing, Right-Sizing, Downgauging

We provide packaging equipment and materials that ensure the least amount of packaging is used for each individual product.

We and our customers naturally prefer:

• Reduced-material retail bags and pouches
• Reduced-material retail cartons
• Thinner, stronger shrink film to protect retail products
• Right-sized master shippers with the least amount of void fill
• Thinner, equally-effective stretch film to contain the pallet loads

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Stacks of corrugated box flats

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Several large bales of recycled paper

To keep packaging in a more circular process, we supply sustainable paper and plastic packaging materials that include:

• Post-consumer recycled (PCR) content
• Post-industrial recycled (PIR) content
• Recyclable material
• Biodegradable material
• Compostable material

Contact us to replace your landfill-bound material with more eco-friendly packaging material.

Sustainability through Pro Pac and a Variety of Resources

We are here to help you reach your sustainability goals with our service and product offerings. We also want to provide other valuable sustainability resources.

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