Packaging Equipment and Machines

With all of the packaging machines available, how do you know which one is most appropriate for your packaging process? The professionals at Pro Pac have been helping businesses determine the right packaging equipment for decades. We provide shrink, blister, clamshell, fin seal, and bagging systems to package your product efficiently and effectively. We will help you securely box, tape, strap, and palletize your packages with the best equipment for shipping.

Starview Blister & Clamshell Sealers

Starview blister and clamshell sealing packaging equipment is simple to use and affordable solutions for your packaging needs. Find the perfect fit from a wide range of models made for different levels of productivity. Reliable performance,...

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagging Equipment

Automatically weigh and bag your products with a high-speed vertical form fill seal bagging system. Ideal for food packaging, a VFFS system will dramatically increase productivity, save time, and decrease costs.

Fin Seal Flow Wrap Equipment

Fin seal machines, also called flow wrappers, provide fast horizontally wrapped packages with or without printed film. These machines have a wide range of options and infeed conveyors to customize your packaging process to perfectly package your products.

Case Sealers

Rugged Pearson and economical Little David case sealers meet demanding needs with precise, reliable, and cost efficient box sealing with either pressure sensitive tape or hot melt adhesive.

Case Erecting & Packing

Pro Pac offers Pearson, Little David, and Arpac case erectors, tray loaders, carton formers, and case packers. These end-of-line machines provide precise, reliable, and cost efficient case forming suitable for a wide range of production volumes.

Label Applicating Equipment

Professional Packaging Systems is your complete source for labeling equipment. We proudly offer Little David label applicators from Little David and TAL labelers from Take-A-Label. Loveshaw provides fast and accurate labeling equipment that can stand...

Baggers and Band Sealers

Pro Pac proudly offers a very wide range of bag sealing machines made by Emplex, OK, and APM. Emplex band sealers seal bags with versatility and ease of use. OK hot air bag sealers seal bags perfectly without Teflon bands. Rugged APM band sealers reliably seal bags in demanding conditions.

Autobag Bagging Equipment

Autobag manufactures a wide range of bagging equipment and accessories including semi and fully automatic baggers, void fill systems, counters, sorters, weigh scales, conveyors, thermal transfer printers, and custom engineered bag packaging systems.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment

Pro Pac offers Tripack shrink label applicators, one of the most rugged and reliable shrink sleeve application systems in the industry. Eastey sleeve and tamper band heat tunnels provide a low cost simple approach to shrink tamper bands and shrink labels.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

Pro Pac offers Shanklin and Eastey shrink wrap equipment. Made in the USA, Eastey L sealers and shrink tunnels provide all of the quality features found in much higher-priced shrink machines. High-performance Shanklin shrink packaging systems provide remarkable performance, maximized ease of operation, and long-lasting durability are built into every Shanklin machine.

Shrink Bundling Equipment

Pro Pac offers Eastey and Arpac shrink bundling machinery. Arpac shrink systems are renowned for their structural integrity, reliability, and flexibility. EEastey shrink bundling equipment provides you with quality features found in much higher priced machines.

Starview Tray Sealing Equipment

Starview's tray sealing machines are ideal for retail food products with or without gas flushing. The tray contains and protects the food with printed or unprinted film lid stock that allows consumers to clearly see your products.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP Equipment

Pro Pac offers modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) equipment, also called nitrogen or gas flushing equipment, an innovative technology that extends the shelf-life of sealing trays without the need for preservatives or freezing. MAP is a...

Econoseal Cartoners

Pro Pac proudly offers Econoseal carton erecting, loading, and sealing equipment from Econocorp, a world leader in carton formers, folding carton machines, carton loaders, cartoners, tray formers and tray loaders, case packers, and wrap-around packaging...

Printing & Date Coding

Professional Packaging Systems offers Evolution high resolution ink jet printers made by Digital Design, and Little David case marking and coding printers made by Loveshaw. These printers are easy to operate, and easily mount on...

Skin & Die Cutting

Great for industrial products, skin packaging seals products between a top layer of heated plastic and a bottom layer of adhesive-coated card stock. Recognized as the industry's best, Starview's reliable skin packaging equipment is built...

Void Fill Protective Packaging Equipment

Pro Pac offers AirPouch void-fill protective packaging systems, providing superior protective packaging options compared to traditional alternatives like peanut, foam, and paper packing material. AirPouch solutions deliver outstanding protection, and feature increased product visibility and...

Wulftec Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Professional Packaging Systems proudly offers Wulftec pallet wrapper and stretch wrapper machines. Renowned for their unbeatable productivity, reliability, and durability, Wulftec superior all-steel machines have no proprietary parts and have the best warranties in the...

Palletizing & Depalletizing

Professional Packaging Systems represents A-B-C Machine Corporation heavy duty case, bag, tray, and tote palletizers. A-B-C machines are built for performance with heavy gauge steel frames that are welded and bolted for maximum strength and...

Dynaric Strapping Equipment

Professional Packaging Systems is your complete source for banding and strapping equipment. We proudly offer strapping equipment from Dynaric. Dynaric's superior strapping equipment provides outstanding reliability, nearly eliminating downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing productivity....