Shrink Sleeve Equipment, Tamper Band Equipment, Shrink Sleeve Film

We offer Tripack shrink sleeve and tamper band applicators. This equipment will sleeve and band your bottles at incredibly high speeds. Or simply manually apply your shrink sleeves prior to conveying your bottles through our Eastey shrink sleeve tunnels. Use our full color shrink sleeves to give your products a beautiful, bold look completely encompassing your bottles.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for shrink sleeve equipment and shrink sleeve and tamper band materials.

Shrink Sleeve Equipment

Tripack shrink sleeve equipment is one of the most rugged and reliable shrink sleeve application systems in the industry. Heat Seal shrink banding heat tunnels are designed for mid-volume application of tamper-evident shrink bands.

Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Bands

Our full-color, seamless full-body shrink sleeves conform to the shape of your bottle, completely wrapping your product, providing 360-degree graphics and information. Tamper evident shrink bands seal your cap to your bottle.

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