Palletizers, Pallet Corner Boards, Pallet Display Services

Pro Pac offers A-B-C heavy duty palletizers and depalletizers to help you move cases, bags, trays, and totes. Once palletized, use our stretch film and rugged corner boards to stabalize and protect your pallet loads. Need more than just a pallet load for shipping? Want help with retail pallet displays? Ask about our retail pallet display services to sell your products directly off your pallets in big box stores.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your palletizer, corner boards, and pallet display services.

Robotic & Conventional Palletizers

Pro Pac offers Arpac, A-B-C and Pearson robotic and conventional palletizers. Robotic palletizers are an efficient solution for loading cases, trays, bags and many other products onto pallets. Conventional palletizers provide semi-automatic palletizing of cases, cartons, bags, or trays at an affordable price with minimal operator input.

Pallet Corner Boards & Edge Protectors

Our corner board rugged construction maintains product integrity while creating pallet stability. It protects the edges of palletized freight from strapping, stretch film, and possible damage from shipping and handling.

Contract Food & Beverage Pallet Display Services

Especially effective in big box retail stores, Qual Pac creates pallet displays for retail food and beverages products, including bags of chips, trays of rainbow-packed bottles, jumbo cartons of cereals and snacks, and just about any other kind of product.

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