Weighing & Counting Equipment

Weigh scales, counters, and fillers dispense precise amounts of your product into bags, pouches, boxes or cups at high speeds.

Weigh scales and fillers are coupled with bagging systems, cartoning equipment, and bottle and cup lines to create a highly-efficient packaging process.

We offer the very best multihead weighers, linear vibratory scales, volumetric fillers, augers, and piece counters manufactured by Weigh Right, Ohlson, and Ishida.

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Ohlson Weighing, Filling & Counting Systems

Ohlson industry-leading weighing, counting, and filling equipment includes vertical packaging machines, vertical form fill seal machines, horizontal open fill seal machines, auger fillers, and screw conveyors.

Weigh Right Weighing, Filling & Counting Systems

Weigh Right weigh scale and volumetric filling systems are especially designed to address the needs of packaging food products, including dry, fresh, frozen, and moist food solids.

Ishida Weighing, Filling & Counting Systems

Ishida multi-head weighing systems are the international standard for efficiently weighing products, accounting for approximately 50% of the global market and 75% of the Japanese market.

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