Weigh Right Weighing, Filling & Counting Systems

Pro Pac offers the comprehensive line of Weigh Right weigh scale and volumetric filling systems. Each Weigh Right weighing and filling machine is especially designed to address the needs of packaging food products, including dry, fresh, frozen, and moist food solids.

Weigh Right scales are designed with off-the-shelf components and offer menu driven touch screen controls providing an easy-to-use interface and functions that give you optimum control for your packaging needs.

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Weigh Right Net Weigh Scales

Weigh Right net weigh scales span the breadth of production from entry level machines to high-speed machines, and are designed for fresh cut fruits and vegetables, moist food products, and non-food products.

Weigh Right G-50 Series Direct Fill Gross Weight Scale

Weigh Right G-50 series direct fill gross weight scales weigh product directly into the final rigid container.

Weigh Right A Series Volumetric Filler

Weigh Right A Series high-speed volumetric fillers dispense 1 oz to 10 lbs of powders and granular products with advanced dust control.

Weigh Right PMB-CT Series Piece Count Scale

Weigh Right PMB series piece count scales fill packages of 50 to 10,000 pieces and more.

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