Integrated Packaging Lines

Increase your packaging rates, reduce your material costs, and cut your labor expenses with a custom-designed high-speed packaging line. The professionals at Pro Pac will engineer a cost-effective packaging process that is perfectly suited for your products and your facility. We will determine and supply every packaging station from the point where your product enters your packaging area to the point where it's ready to be shipped.

Have a look at the case studies below of high-speed packaging lines we have designed and installed.

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Fully-Automatic Blister Packaging Systems

Starview reliable workhorse blister and clamshell sealing machines can be integrated with robotics, vision systems, on-machine printing, card fold-over, product detection, and reject at unload.

Automatic Can Labeling, Tray Packing, Shrink Bundling and Palletizing Line

Cans are unloaded, labeled, tray-packed, shrink bundled, palletized, and stretch wrapped in this fully automatic pallet-to-pallet line.

Automatic Carton and Case Erecting and Loading System

Two lines of product convey to an automatic carton erectors and loaders with a gluing units. Both lines of loaded cartons merge, pass a check weigher, and are packed into cases.

Automatic Tray Filling, Shrink Wrapping, Labeling and Case Packing System

This fully-automatic weighing, filling, wrapping, labeling, and case packing line produces shrink wrapped snack products in trays.

Automatic Multi-Packing, Film-on-Film Shrink Wrapping and Palletizing Line

This fully automatic bottle wrapping line begins with receiving individual bottles from an existing filler and labeler, and ends with double wrapping film-on-film to reduce corrugated usage.

Automatic Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagging & Boxing System

This vertical bagging and boxing system combines bag forming, product weighing and loading, bag sealing, case forming and loading, and case sealing into one completely automated system.

Automatic Carton Flap Folding and Labeling System

Designed to run intermittently and receive filled containers in a random mode, this system folds top flaps and labels a rate of 68 cartons per minute.

Fin Seal, Cartoning and Overwrapping Packaging System

This multi-station packaging line automatically wraps and tucks heavy film around film canisters, loads individual products into cartons, date codes, overwraps each carton, and then overwraps multi-packs.

Automatic Counting, Combining, Multi-Packing and Shrink Bundling System

This fully-automatic polyethylene shrink production line combines filled containers into multi-pack shrink bundled packages.

Semi-Auto Strapper and Spiral Ring Wrapper System

Large glass doors are conveyed through a strapper arch and spiral ring stretch wrapper, secured with straps and spiral wrapped stretch film.

Tray Erecting, Loading and Shrink Wrapping System

This bags-in-a-tray packing and wrapping system automatically erects and presents a fold-and-tuck chip board tray traveling down a lugged conveyor to operators.

Wrap Around Inline Canister Labeling System

This industrial wrap around labeling system covers the canister, revealing as little as possible of the canister between the chimes.

Hopper Infeeding, Lugged Conveying, Shrink Wrapping and Labeling System

With the addition of a hopper and lugged infeed conveyor to this oversized-product wrapping system, packaging efficiencies were increased 200%!

Industrial Stretch Wrapping System for Heavy Pallet Loads

This fully-automatic stretchwrapper production line receives and wraps loads of bricks directly from an existing strapping machine.

Multiple Strapping and Conveying System

This stand alone conveyor system to applies four security straps to large corrugated boxes in two perpendicular directions at rates of up to 30 boxes per hour.

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