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With decades of experience in the packaging industry, the professionals at Pro Pac can help determine the best packaging solutions for your business. See more about our company and our history.

We specialize in:
    Designing and installing integrated packaging lines
    Supplying custom-printed packaging materials
    Providing contract food packaging services

If you run a lot of consumable materials, such as shrink film, stretch film, case sealing tape, labels and strapping material, we can supply you with large quantities at great prices.

We serve every industry, including: e-commerce, food, snack, beverage, specialty manufacturing, fresh produce, hobby and craft, automotive, electronics, pet, cosmetic industries, and many more.

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Integrate Your Packaging Line to Reduce Costs and Increase Speed

Water bottles on high-speed packaging line

Increase your packaging rates, reduce your material costs, and cut your labor expenses with a custom-designed high-speed packaging line. The professionals at Pro Pac will engineer a cost-effective packaging process that is perfectly suited for your products and your facility.

We will determine and supply every packaging station from the point where your product enters your packaging area to the point where it's ready to be shipped.

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Give Your Products Powerful Shelf Presence with High-Quality Printed Film

We can help you bring your food products to life and to market with custom-printed high-quality pouches and films. Extend your products shelf-life with barrier material made for nitrogen gas flushing.

Need other packaging materials? We supply shrink and shrink bundling film, blisters and clamshells, roll bags and wicket bags, stand-up pouches, folding cartons, labels and inlk. To help you ship your products, we supply shipping cases, case sealing tape, strapping material corner boards and stretch film.

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Grocery store refrigerated foods aisle

Quickly Get to Market with Our Contract Food Packaging Services

Young woman shopping for snacks in grocery store

Pro Pac is your comprehensive resource for primary and secondary food packaging. With multiple high-speed vertical bagging systems, we will quickly and precisely bag your cookies, crackers, and snacks. Looking for registered print shrink bundling? We will quickly turn around your multi-packs of bottles and cans. Need shrink wrapping, fin sealing, or pouch filling services? How about expert automatic and manual carton loading and variety packing services?

Bring us your food products, including pet food products. We will package them so you can get to market.

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Increase Your Packaging Efficiency with a Single Stand-Alone Machine

With all of the packaging machines available how do you know which one is most appropriate for your packaging process? The professionals at Pro Pac have been helping businesses with the right packaging equipment for decades.

We provide shrink, blister, clamshell, fin seal, and bagging systems to package your product efficiently and effectively. We will help you securely box, tape, strap, and palletize your packages with the best equipment for shipping.

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Automatic label applicator

Turn Around Your Product Packaging with Our Speedy Co-Packing Services

Workers in packaging assembly line

Quality Packaging, the contract packaging division of Pro Pac, is your resource for contract packaging services. We specialize in large-volume, fast-turnaround packaging projects whether for a quick promotional run or for a long term packaging relationship.

We offer a broad range of a contract packaging services including shrink wrapping, shrink bundling, blister and clamshell packaging, fin seal flow wrap packaging, bagging and filling, labeling and printing cartoning and case packing, and variety and multi-packing.

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Ship Your Goods with Our Complete Order Fulfillment and Logistics Services

Need to ship your product to distribution centers, retail stores, and your individual customers? We provide fast, accurate order fulfillment and on-time delivery.

Our unique e-portal system enables you to quickly confirm orders, track waybills, freight charges and deliveries by individual serial numbers in real-time. Our 3rd Party Logistics solutions encompass packaging inventory management order fulfillment distribution and other operations necessary to get your product to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Get Parts and Service You Need for Your Packaging Equipment Right Away

Service technician working on a packaging machine

Are you paying too much for replacement and wear parts for your packaging equipment? Are parts shipping slowly when you need them right away? Are you waiting too long for a service tech to repair your packaging machinery?

Our parts and service professionals understand your urgency. We ship equipment parts anywhere in the continental United States. We provide same-day shipping in most cases. Overnight shipping is often available.

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