Vertical Form Fill & Seal

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

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Automatically weigh and package your products with a high-speed vertical form fill seal bagging system. Ideal for food packaging, a VFFS system will dramatically increase productivity, save time, and decrease costs. Package a variety of products in side-gusset, pillow, fin seal and lap seal bags. Weigh and fill over 100 bags per minute and be accurate to the gram.

Pro Pac offers exceptionally rugged and productive vertical form fill seal systems that have performed reliably for decades with a minimum of down time and maintenance costs.

Products packaged with our VFFS bagging systems include: chemical products, flour, baking powder, yeast, sugar, beans, candies, cereals, detergents, liquid soaps, coffee, powdered eggs, potting soil, industrial greases, hardware, freezer gels, cake mixes, soup mixes, nuts, pet food, popcorn, sauces, stews, soups, pie fillings, salads, rice, seeds, snacks, tea, water and other products.

Our vertical baggers have several available options, including: Net weight scales, combination net weigher, volumetric cup fillers, and special components per your requirements.