Qual Pac Co-Packing & Re-Packing Services in Houston, Texas

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Close to the Port of Houston and the Galveston Bay Port, our Brookshire location has nearly 200,000 square feet of automated packaging services. We welcome large-volume packaging projects that span years, and if necessary, will invest in required equipment. We also operate large-scale re-packing services for a large snack food manufacturer in this facility that comprises 200,000 total square feet.

Quality Packaging, the contract packaging division of Pro Pac, is your resource for a wide range of contract packaging services. Qual Pac specializes in large-volume, fast-turnaround packaging projects - whether for a quick promotional run or for a long-term ongoing packaging relationship.

Quality Packaging

  • 32509 US-90
    Brookshire, TX 77423
  • 888-318-0083
  • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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