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Create sparkling blister and clamshell packages with industrial strength heavy-duty Starview blister and clamshell sealers. We supply stock and custom-designed blisters and clamshells to secure your products in simple and strong retail packages. Don't want to buy equipment? Our blister packaging services will quickly turn around millions of your bulk-packed products in perfectly sealed blister packages ready for market.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for blister and clamshell sealing machines and materials, and co-packing services to blister package your products.

Starview Blister & Clamshell Sealers

Starview blister and clamshell sealing machines are the best in the industry. Reliable performance, simple operation, and long-lasting durability come standard with all Starview machines.

Blister Packaging Materials

Blister packaging allows your products to be clearly as well as securely displayed for consumers. In a blister package, your product is presented in a thermoformed, clear plastic tray that is heat sealed to a paperboard backer card.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging provides clear and secure packaging that can display your product in many ways, including hanging and standing upright. A full-color insert printed on both sides presents graphic branding, product information and features.

Contract Blister & Clamshell Packaging Services

Qual Pac's fast blister and clamshell packaging services are perfect for small consumer products that require a high level of security and product visibility. Use our blister packaging services with stock or custom blisters.

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