Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Package

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  • Clamshells are perfect for small consumer and industrial products
  • Provides high level of security and product visibility
  • Clamshell packaging gives your product visibility from the front and back of the package, and can be displayed in many ways

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Clamshell Package Clamshell Package Clamshell Package

Custom and Stock Clamshell Packaging

Our clamshells are perfect for small consumer and industrial products that require a high level of security and product visibility. Clamshell packaging gives your product visibility from the front and the back of the package. Made from thermoformed transparent plastic, clamshells are essentially hinged boxes that can be made reclosable or permanently sealed. Clamshell packaging can display your product in many ways, including hanging and standing upright. A printed insert displays product information and graphics.

Benefits of Clamshell Packaging

Improved Sell-Through – Products displayed in a clamshell package sell 4x better compared to the same product in other packaging styles. Through increased product visibility and a printed insert card, clamshell packaging allows you to use your packaging to differentiate your product from competitor products.

Increased Protection – Clamshell packaging provides added protection for the product, retailer, and end-user. A custom thermoformed part holds the product in place, protecting the product during shipping. On the shelf, the radio frequency (RF) seal will reduce theft, helping to improve margins. The consumer will know that your product is secure and not damaged. And potentially hazardous products, such as a knife, can be safely contained.

Adaptable to Retailer's Demands – Some retailers prefer to have products stand on-shelf, while others prefer your product to hang on a peg. With a custom clamshell package, one package can satisfy both requirements and still look great.

Stock vs. Custom Clamshell Tooling

Tooling for a thermoformed clamshell can be a stock design. Or our experienced design team can create a fully-custom clamshell tool that works closely with the shape of your product.

Stock Clamshell Tooling
No tooling cost
Low minimum quantities
Faster lead times
Easy RFP process
Limited choice of sizes
Best when selling less than 10,000 units annually
Stock Tooling with Custom Product Cavity
Improved look over stock tooling
Increased product protection
Moderate tooling costs
Lead times of around three weeks
Offers budget-friendly product protection
Custom Clamshell Tooling
Packaging designed specifically for your product
Ability to incorporate additional features in packaging
Wider selection of materials
Higher perceived value over stock parts
Larger monetary and time investment
Promotes a premium brand look and identity

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