On-Demand Air Pillow, Bubble Wrap, Cold Chain, Foam & Paper Void Fill & Cushioning Materials

Pro Pac all kinds of offers on-demand protective packaging materials, including air pillows, bubble wrap, cold chain, foam and paper void fill and cushioning materials that deliver excellent product protection during shipping.

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AirPouch Air Pillows

AirPouch air pillows feature innovative EZ-Tear perforations, which allow for quick and easy separation of the pillows for fast and efficient packing. In a recent study, this EZ-Tear feature - exclusive to AirPouch - required an average of 83% less effort to pull and separate the pillows than other competitive brands. Packers using AirPouch air pillows prefer the ergonomic handling they get from the AirPouch pillows.

FastWrap Bubble Material

AirPouch FastWrap Bubble On-Demand and Tubes On-Demand offer a flexible, durable protective packaging solution. FastWrap Bubble materials secure and cushion products in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. FastWrap Bubble On-Demand and FastWrap Tubes are available in durable linear low density polyethylene film, and also in EarthAware biodegradable and recycled films.

Sealed Air Cold Chain Materials

Sealed Air insulated box liners, vacuum insulation panels and foil bubble cushioning materials protect your products from temperature changes throughout their distribution journey.

Sealed Air Protective Foam Materials

Sealed Air manufactures a wide range of protective foam materials including high-performance fabricated polyethylene planks, closed-cell surface protection polyethylene foams, and on-demand foam in place solutions.

Sealed Air Paper Protection & Void Fill Materials

Sealed Air kraft paper is responsibly sourced from 100% recycled paper packaging material and is curbside recyclable. Paper mailers effectively resist bending with superior corner protection.

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