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Lease to Own Your Next Packaging Machine

Bypass a significant cash outlay with one of our lease-to-own options. Instantly increase your production and lower your labor costs without a substantial cash payment.

Reduce Labor Costs

The monthly cost of a new packaging machine may cost less than your current labor expense to do the same job. A leased packaging machine could instantly free up cash and improve your monthly bottom line.

Decrease Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Older machines may require more maintenance and cripple production with too much downtime. A new machine can save you a lot of lost revenue with less maintenance and more efficient, consistant production. The monthly cost of leasing a machine may be less than your lost revenue due to maintenance and downtime of an older machine.

Increase Production

Older machines have older technology and may simply have slower throughput speeds. A new machine can increase your production, improving your profits per shift. The monthly cost of leasing a machine may be less than your lost revenue due to an older slower machine.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 talk with us about leasing your packaging equipment.

Packaging Machinery We Offer

Weigh & Count Weigh Scales & Counters
Bag & Seal Vertical Form Fill & Seal Systems Flow Wrapping Machinery Autobag Bagging Systems Baggers & Band Sealers
Liquid Fill Liquid Filling Systems Bottle Manangement Systems Depositors
Pouch Pre-Made Pouching Systems Rollstock Pouching Systems
Card Blister & Clamshell Sealers Skin Packaging Machinery
Wrap Shrink Wrapping Equipment Shrink Bundling Equipment
Label & Code Shrink Sleeve & Band Systems Label Applicators Case Coding Printers
Tray & Carton Tray & Cup Fillers & Sealers Carton & Tray Formers
Box & Pack Case & Tray Formers & Packers Protective Packaging Equipment Case Sealers
Move Friction Feeders Conveyor Systems
Pallet Robotic & Conventional Palletizers Strapping Machines Stretch Wrappers

Packaging Equipment Manufacturers We Offer

We sell and lease packaging machines from these equipment manufacturers and many others.

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Robust robotic and conventional palletizing equipment.


Flexible, innovative carton and tray formers.

APM - All Packaging Machinery

Efficient bag sealers, bag loaders, and heat sealing equipment.


World class shrink wrappers, shrink bundlers, tray wrappers, and case packers and erectors.

ATS Engineering

Durable rotary and straight-line fillers for a variety of liquid and viscous products.

Autobag - APS

Superior line of weighing, counting, and bagging machines.


Shrink sleeve and tamper band systems for a variety of containers and shrink materials.


Heavy-duty roll stock pouching systems produce a wide range of pouch styles.


Effective case sealing in demanding applications.

BW Flexible Systems

Exceptionally rugged and productive vertical form fill seal bagging systems.


Heavy-duty economical shrink packaging machinery.


Superior carton erecting, loading, and sealing machinery.


Easy to set up, easy to operate, high-resolution ink jet printers.


High-resolution case coding ink jet systems for industrial environments.


Reliable high-speed strapping for a broad range of applications.

Heat Seal

General economical line of shrink wrapping equipment.


Innovative, accurate high-speed multi-head weighers.

Little David

Renown case sealers, case erectors, ink jet coding, and labeling equipment.

MFT Automation

High-performance robust friction feeders.


Excellent line of Ohlson weighing, counting, and filling equipment.

OK Supersealer

Industrial strength continuous hot air bag sealers and band sealers.


Reliable automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers.


Industry-leading high-speed tray overwrappers and tray sealers.


Excellent heavy-duty pressure sensitive tape or hot melt adhesive case sealers.


High-quality rugged flow wrapping equipment.

Plex Pack

Manufacturer of reliable Emplex band sealers.


Superior shrink bundling equipment with product collation and label orientation.


State-of-the-art flow wrapping machines with robust frames, reliability and long life.


Vertical L-bar sealers for bagging with roll stock film instead of bags.


Incredibly wide range of world-class heavy-duty conveyors.

Sealed Air

Void fill and cushioning systems providing excellent protective packaging.


Industry-standard semi-auto to fully-auto high-speed shrink packaging equipment.


Product handling systems with innovative slip-torque roller technology.


Innovative sorting, merging, transferring, and elevation conveying systems.


Industry's best blister and clamshell sealers, and skin and die cutting equipment.


Robust, precisely designed flow wrappers cover a wide variety of high-end applications.


The most rugged, reliable shrink sleeve application systems in the industry.

Weigh Right

Comprehensive line of weigh scale and volumetric filling systems.


Wide range of world-class semi-automatic and fully-automatic stretch wrappers.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 talk with us about leasing your packaging equipment.