Polypack Shrink Bundling Equipment

Polypack designs and builds product collation and packaging equipment including retail shrink wrap bundlers, label orientation, robotic pick and place and cardboard packaging solutions. Ths robust packaging equipment is designed to be customized to the needs of your application.

All Polypack packaging machines are built with the best materials and components available, including stainless steel, ensuring a long life, superior performance, durability, and reliability.

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Polypack Tube Pick & Place Shrink Bundling System

Polypack Tube shrink bundlers shrink wrap tube products in 3-packs, 4-packs or 6-packs with or without product inversion.

Polypack CFH High-Speed Total Closure Shrink Bundling System

Polypack CFH retail shrink bundlers are continuous motion, high-speed total closure shrink wrap machines.

Polypack JacketPack Shrink Bundling Systems

The Polypack JacketPack provides a lower-cost package with the same stacking strength and product protection as a regular slotted carton (RSC).

Polypack Tango Print-Registration Bulls-Eye Shrink Bundling System

Polypack Tango shrink bundlers produce bulls-eye wraps using either clear or printed shrink film running unsupported, pad-supported or tray-supported products.

Polypack PH Intermittent-Motion Bulls-Eye Shrink Bundling System

Polypack PH shrink bundlers wrap individual products as well as collate products into multi-pack configurations.

Polypack FIL Inline Total Closure Shrink Bundling System

Polypack FIL shrink bundling machines are intermittent-motion total closure shrink wrappers that use a forming head to wrap products with rectangular or round profiles.

Polypack ClearPrint Print-Registered Film Shrink Bundling System

Polypack ClearPrint shrink bundlers are simple, versatile, compact, affordable automatic print registration shrink bundlers.

Polypack IL Intermittent & CMS Continuous Shrink Bundling System

Polypack IL and CMS inline automatic belt-to-belt shrink bundling systems for pad and tray supported multi-packs.

Polypack FH Intermittent-Motion Total Closure Shrink Bundling System

Polypack FH shrink bundlers are intermittent-motion, total closure shrink wrap machines.

Polypack LO Label Orientation Shrink Bundling Module

The Polypack LO label orientation system rotates products to a specific point, orienting products in a multi-pack to face the same direction.

Polypack ILB Intermittent & CMB Continuous Bucket Shrink Bundle System

Polypack ILB intermittent-motion and CMB continuous-motion custom shrink bundlers utilize a bucket conveyor to wrap a wide range of products.

Polypack Pharma Intermittent Pharmaceutical Shrink Bundling System

Polypack Pharma shrink bundler is specifically designed to bundle multi-packs of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packages.

Polypack Automatic Shrink Bundle Unwrapping System

The Polypack Unwrapper automatic unpackaging machine removes shrink film from shrink bundled corrugated trays at speeds up to 35 packs per minute.

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