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With decades of experience in the packaging industry, we can help you with the best packaging solutions for your products and production requirements.

Snack Closeup

Snack & Cracker Contract Packaging

Create fresh exciting packages for your cookies, crackers, and other snack foods with our contract vertical form fill seal bagging services. We can quickly package large quantities of your snack food products with plain or printed barrier laminate film.

Sealed Tray Package

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment

Extend your food product's shelf life without using preservatives. Our nitrogen gas flushing equipment will reduce spoilage and extend the market of your food in sealed trays, horizontal flow wrapped packages, and vertical form fill seal bags.

Little David PackPoint Station

All Together: Form, Pack, Seal & Label

The Loveshaw PackPoint complete packaging system combines primary product delivery, case former, pick and pack hand packing station, case sealer, and optional printer and labeler. This efficient system brings together five job functions in one compact packaging unit.

Open Bag of Pet Food

Pet Food Contract Packaging

It's vital for your pet food products to stand out on pet store shelves. We can quickly bag large quantities of your dog and cat food products using exquisitely printed laminate films and pouches with our contract pouch filling and vertical form fill seal bagging services.

What Kind of Packaging Is Right For You?

Pro Pac offers a very wide variety of packaging materials, high speed packaging machines, and co-packing services for all kinds of products. Get all of the specs, dimensions, features, and details for many kinds of packaging from labeling to bagging, blister sealing to shrink sleeving, case packing to pallet wrapping, and much more.

Need Help with Your Entire Packaging Line?

We are packaging line integrators. Your product may need to be protected in a fin seal bag, loaded into a carton, and date coded. Your cartons are packed into cases that are taped, labeled, stacked on pallets, and stretch wrapped. Sound about right? No problem. We are here to help ensure your entire line is as efficient as possible.