Custom Packaging for Your Food Products

Over the last 50-plus years, we have partnered with several customers who produce food and beverage products. Together, we have developed innovative solutions for a wide variety of primary and secondary food and beverage packaging applications.

Our engineers, material specialists, and co-packing teams specialize in:

Designing and installing integrated food packaging lines
Supplying custom-printed food packaging materials
Providing food and beverage co-packing and re-packing services

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Custom High-Speed Food Packaging Line Integration Services

Water bottles on high-speed packaging line

Our line integration experts will increase your production speeds and reduce your costs.

Line integration specialists at Pro Pac will engineer a cost-effective packaging process that is designed to perfectly package your products, exceed your production requirements, and fulfill the potential of your facility.

Working closely with your production team, we will determine and install the right machinery for every packaging station in your line - including every needed simple or sophisticated conveying system. Our engineers start from the point where your product enters your packaging area and complete your entire line to the point where your product is ready to ship.

Substantially increase your packaging rates, reduce your material expenses, and cut your labor costs with a custom-engineered fully-integrated packaging line.

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Custom Printed & Manufactured Food Packaging Materials

Our food packaging specialists will give your food products powerful shelf presence with our custom packaging materials.

Our deeply resourced food packaging experts will work with you to determine the best packaging materials for your products. We will bring your food products to life and to market with custom-printed high-quality pouches, barrier films, retail cartons, and custom labels.

Custom-Fabricated Roll Stock Films
For a variety of vertically bagged (VFFS) and flow wrapped (HFFS) food products.
Beautifully Printed Shrink Bundling Films
For rainbow and multi-packs of beverage bottles and cans.
Custom-Designed Stand-Up Pouches
For cookie, cracker, snack foods and breakfast cereals.
Brilliantly Printed Shrink Sleeves
For all shapes and sizes of retail beverage bottles and cans.
Attractive Retail Folding Cartons
For nearly every kind of retail grocery product.
High-Quality Custom Labels
For all types retail food bottles, cans, trays and tubs.

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Grocery store refrigerated foods aisle

Custom Primary & Secondary Food Co-Packing & Assembly Services

Happy woman on packaging assembly line

Perfectly package your food products for online and walk-in markets with our contract food packaging services.

We are your professional-grade resource for fast, high-volume primary and secondary food packaging. Our co-packing and re-packing teams specialize in pallet display assembly for big box stores, vertical form fill and seal bagging, stand-up pouch filling, shrink bundle beverage re-packing, and meticulous carton kitting.

Big Box Pallet Display Assembly
Our cracker-jack display assembly teams operate large facilities dedicated to receiving, warehousing and assembling seasonally packaged food products together with their big box promotional pallet displays.

Snack Food Pouch & Bag Packaging
Our snack packaging crews quickly and precisely bag large quantities of your cookies, crackers, and snacks utilizing multiple high-speed vertical bagging and stand-up pouch filling systems.

Beverage Bottle & Can Re-Packing
Our dedicated re-packing teams work high-speed, registered-print shrink bundling lines to quickly turn around high-volume runs of bundled variety packs, rainbow packs and multi-packs of your bottled and canned beverages.

Secondary Food Carton Kitting
Our specially-skilled cartoning operators delver fast, precise carton kitting services, precisely load your primary packaged food products into cartons with extraordinary efficiency.

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