Folding Cartons

If a product is in a box on a retail shelf, it's probably packaged in a folding carton. Products such as a breakfast cereal, crackers, toothpaste, cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, small appliances, and hardware parts are commonly found packaged in a folding carton. Safely bring your product to your customers and inspire them to pick your product off the shelf again and again.

Our folding carton packaging experts will work with you to design the lowest cost, highest-functioning carton that fits the retail space available to you and delivers outstanding shelf appeal.

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Folding Carton Design Process

We will help you determine and design the best folding carton for your product and production using either stock sizes or custom designs.

Folding Carton Paperboard Materials

A variety of paperboards are available, each fulfilling distribution requirements and offering unique substrate functionality for the best retail result.

Types of Folding Cartons

We work with a large inventory of stock folding carton shapes and sizes. We can also create custom shaped cartons that will catch your customer's attention.

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