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Skin Packaging

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  • Skin film conforms to your products and seals them on printed skin board
  • Use printed skin board for gardening, construction, and automotive retail products
  • Use plain corrugated pads for protecting and shipping industrial items

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Skin Film with Printed Skin Board, a Simple Protective Package

Skin packaging is an enduring cost-effective type of carded packaging for many hardware, autmotive aftermarket, and industrial B2B products that require visibility and protection.

Skin packaging uses a clear polyethylene plastic film tightly drawn to the product and vacuum sealed to a paperboard backer card – providing both product protection and visibility. The plastic film allows your product to be easily viewed and inspected. It is impossible to open this type of package without destroying it, making a highly-effective tamper-evident package.

Skin film is specially designed to conform to your products and seal them on printed skin board as well as corrugated pads. Use our printed skin board for gardening, construction, and automotive retail products. Use plain corrugated pads for protecting and shipping industrial items.

We provide high-quality skin board and skin film to perfectly seal your product, keeping it tightly sealed, and contained safely within the packaging.

Skin Packaging Backer Cards

Pro Pac provides high-strength, low-curl skin board with excellent film adhesion. This special paperboard is porous, with a surface that is not clay-coated, to allow a vacuum to be drawn. Because the surface must be porous, printed graphics are bold and attractive but not quite as vivid as printed cards with a clay-coated surface, such as blister cards. The heat-sealed skin film enhances the graphic appearance with a slight gloss.

  Skin Card Features Include
  Brilliant 4-color process printing on the front of the backer card that can include PMS colors and foil stamping.
  High-quality paperboard with white front and back for a sharp professional appearance.
  Coated with a heat-sensitive adhesive to create a powerful seal with skin film.
  Made from 20 or 24 pt SBS (solid bleach sulfate) C2S (coated on 2 sides) paperboard.
  Can be produced in small to large quantity increments.
  Can be custom die cut to work with your product.

Skin Packaging Fundamentals

Straightforward components of skin packaging create an effective low-cost package that is simple to produce.

Skin Packaging Board
Skin board has three components that are specific to skin packaging materials. First the SBS paperboard is specially prepared with tiny pores that allow air to pass through the board during the vacuum phase of the packaging process. Second, the paperboard is printed with special skin packaging inks. Third, the surface of one side of the paperboard is covered with a heat-sensitive adhesive that works with heat to bond the plastic to the skin board during the heating-sealing phase of the packaging process.

Skin Packaging Film
The skin of skin packaging is a vacuum packaging film. This film acts like a protective skin securing the product to backer card. Vacuum packaging skin film is highly flexible, enabling this film to securely package a wide variety of products including low and high-profile items, products with complex geometeries, and products with holes and voids.

Skin Packaging Machines
Skin packaging machines are simple machines that heat skin film and draw a vacuum to secure the film to the product and backer card.

Products for Skin Packaging

Skin packaging machines are effective for packaging many types of products, including:

  Industrial parts
  Small tools
  Hardware for assemblies
  Automotive aftermarket parts
  Gardening tools
  Construction parts
  And many more products

Skin Packaging Process

Creating a high-quality skin package requires specialized skin paperboard backer card with specific inks and heat-seal coating, skin film, and equipment to seal and die-cut the master sheet.

  Products are manually placed precisely on a master sheet of skin board.
  The master sheet of skin board is placed in a skin packaging machine.
  In skin packaging machine, heated skin film drapes over the master sheet.
  A vacuum is drawn, tightly contouring around the product, and heat-sealing to the backer card.
  The skinned master card is removed from the skin packaging machine.
  The master sheet is moved through a die cutter to cut individual cards containing your product. Keyslots, round corners, and internal die cuts may be added during the cutting process.

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