Packaging Material Reference Library

Packaging films have many terms, acronyms, and abbreviations as well as several ways to work with weights and thicknesses. Here are handy conversion charts, glossaries, and calculation tables to help you understand the expansive language of packaging materials.

We specialize in providing custom printed packaging materials. We also supply large-quantity orders of consumable packaging materials, such as shrink film, roll bags, shipping cases, case sealing tape, strapping material, corner boards, and stretch film.

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Glossary of Flexible Material Terms

The language of packaging film and flexible material is expansive. Here are lots of packaging terms and definitions for film materials.

Glossary of Stretch Wrapping Terms

The language of stretch wrapping includes many phrases particular to the process of wrapping film around pallet loads. Here are fundamental stretch wrapping terms.

Packaging Film Material Abbreviations

Packaging film terms and names have many, many acronyms and abbreviations. Here are all the abbreviations we can think of for film materials.

Packaging Film Yield Tables

Need to know the square inches per pound for LDPE? How about MDPE and HPDE? Here are a few charts to help you know how much film you are getting.

Packaging Film Square Inch Yield per Pound Chart

Need to know the square inches per pound of film? Here's a chart of several types of film with several film thicknesses.

Packaging Film Microns to Gauge Conversion Chart

Know the microns and need to know the film gauge? Need to convert the guage to microns? Here's a handy conversion chart for hand wrap film and machine film.

Fraction Decimal Millimeter Conversion Table

Know the fraction and need to know the decimal? Know the millimeter and need to know the fraction? Here's a table with fractions, decimals, and millimeters to help you.

Unit Conversion Chart

Know the grams and need to know the pounds? Know the inches and need to know the millimeters? Here's a chart with the multiplier to convert one unit to another.

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