Horizontal Flow Wrapping Equipment

Pro Pac offers Redpack, Syntegon, BW Flexible Systems and PFM horizontal flow wrapping equipment. Horizontal flow wrappers are ideal for packaging thousands, even millions, of products quickly with printed or no-print film. Stainless steel versions, made for food packaging, can include gas flushing components to extend your food product's shelf life. Flow wrappers are designed and built in a variety of models with a wide range of accessories to customize your packaging process to perfectly package your products.

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Redpack Horizontal Flow Wrapping Equipment

Redpack flow wrapping machines are constructed around robust frames to maximize strength, reliability and long life. Equipped with state-of-the-art drives, Redpack flow wrappers provide consistently high throughput.

Syntegon Horizontal Flow Wrapping Equipment

Syntegon horizontal flow wrappers are state-of-the-art packaging systems. These robust, precisely designed flow wrappers cover a wide variety of high-end applications. Syntegon machinery is ideal for packaging bakery products such as crackers, biscuits, chocolate and snack bars, a range of pharmaceutical products, and much more.

BW Flexible Systems Horizontal Flow Wrapping Equipment

BW Flexible Systems flow wrapper brands Hayssen, Rose Forgrove and Schib bring many years of industry expertise and insightful customer collaboration into ergonomic, operator-friendly machine designs. Easy-to-clean features, quick changeovers, durable construction, and waste minimizing technology deliver profitable results to your flow wrapping operation.

PFM Horizontal Flow Wrapping Equipment

The machines in the extraordinarily wide range of PFM horizontal flow wrapping machines are each designed to meet the needs of flexible packaging for food and non-food products. These machines have many accessories to customize your packaging process to perfectly package your products.

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