Hayssen Fin Seal Flow Wrap Equipment

Pro Pac proudly provides Hayssen horizontal form fill seal packaging machines. Hayssen flow wrappers bring many years of industry expertise and insightful customer collaboration into ergonomic, operator-friendly machine designs. Easy-to-clean features, quick changeovers, durable construction, and waste minimizing technology deliver profitable results to your flow wrapping operation.

Hayssen Merlin Blu Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

The Merlin Blu flow wrapper hygienic and easy-to-clean design is suitable for packaging a wide range of challenging produdcts in a variety of industries.

Hayssen Minerva Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

The Minerva distinguishes itself through innovating engineering that delivers exceptional performance in challenging environments with four independent motors and rotary sealing jaws.

Hayssen Integra Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

The Integra horizontal flow wrapper is designed for wrapping a large variety of food and non-food products, delivering high seal integrity and exceptional performance in challenging environments.

Hayssen RT2000 Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

Hayssen's RT series of HFFS systems feature a unique long dwell sealing system that creates hermetic seals at high-speeds.

Hayssen Schib CO 50 Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

The Schib CO 50 is a new generation horizontal flow wrapper suitable for a wide range of primary or secondary packaging applications. It offers compact construction, ergonomic and easy-to-clean design, as well as great flexibility and reliability.

Hayssen Schib CO 90 Snack Bar Wrapper

The state-of-the-art Schib CO 90 horizontal flow wrapper is designed to wrap your snack bars very quickly. This industry-leading flow wrapper has solid construction, easy-to-clean design, and exceptional performance.

Hayssen Schib CO 90E Candy Wrapper

The industry-leading Schib CO 90E horizontal flow wrap machine is specifically designed for candies and other small size confectionery products such as pellets, bubble gums, lozenges, toffees, tablets, and lollipops.