Hayssen Schib CO 50 Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

Hayssen Schib CO 50 Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Four models, customized for your packaging requirements
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean design
  • No product - no bag feature minimizes film waste
  • Icon-based operator interface with real time diagnostics
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Hayssen Schib CO 50 Fin Seal Flow Wrapper Hayssen Schib CO 50BB Fin Seal Flow Wrapper Hayssen Schib CO 50BBTG Fin Seal Flow Wrapper Hayssen Schib CO 50TG Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

The Hayssen Schib CO 50 is a new generation horizontal flow wrapper suitable for a wide range of primary or secondary packaging applications. This versatile HFFS system offers compact construction, ergonomic and easy-to-clean design, as well as great flexibility and reliability.

The machine comes with top or bottom unwind, speeds up to 200 ppm, 3-axis drive configuration and the choice of Rotary, D-Cam or long-dwell jaws. Allen-Bradley controls are an available option.

Further options include twin jaws configuration, automatic film splicer, motorized film pre-feed, reel run out sensor, pre-printed film registration, no product – no bag function to minimize film waste, gusset tucking, Euro-slot, remote service device, and many other accessories. Automatic feeders and product conveying/handling devices are also available on demand.

Features of the Schib CO 50

Hygienic and easy-to-clean design suitable for a wide range of industries (both food and non-food products)
Flexible and reliable
Fast format changeover with minimal downtime
7" color touch screen offering user-friendly HMI functionality
Icon-based operator interface with real time diagnostics
500 mm film width, 700 mm optional
All product contact parts are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic
All stainless steel version on demand
Independent temperature control circuits incorporated into the control panel
Product-specific infeed and automatic feeders are available on demand

Schib CO 50 Models

CO 50: Top reel, rotary sealing head
CO 50TG: Top reel, box motion sealing head
CO 50BB: Bottom reel (inverted), rotary sealing head
CO 50BBTG: Bottom reel (inverted), box motion sealing head

User-Friendly Controls

Control system with industry standard Allen Bradley PLC
Operator interface with 10" TFT color touch screen
50-program memory, expandable
3-axis drive technology
No-product / no-bag system
Service mode for diagnostics, trouble shooting and basic machine configuration, different level (user configurable) password-protection
Additional user-defined password level for limiting/ excluding access to selected machine functions, setting changes and sensitive data

Package Range

Product Length: 1.96" to 18.89" (50mm to 480mm)
Product Width: 0.19" to 7.87" (5mm to 200mm)
Product Height: Up to 4.72" (120mm)

Packaging Speed

Up to 200ppm, depending on film and product

Power and Air Requirements

Power Supply: 480V, Three Phase, 60 Hz
Air Supply: 6 bar

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