Contract Carton Loading Services

Contract Manual Carton Loading Services

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Contract Manual Carton Loading Services Contract Auto Carton Loading Services

Expert, Fast Carton Loading

Qual Pac can quickly auto-load very large quantities of your products into chipboard cartons. Or our trained operators can manually load your fragile products or precisely arranged products as required. Our chipboard cartons are available in stock or custom sizes, die cut and printed to create effective retail packaging. Chipboard also has the added advantage of being recyclable.

Contract Manual Carton Loading Services

Using simple chipboard boxes, our manual cartoning services are ideal for packages containing particularly arranged, fragile items. Great for food products, promotional campaigns, and mailing applications, manually packed cartons can be self-locking with no need for adhesives.

Contract Auto Carton Loading Services

Qual Pac specializes in high-speed automatic carton packing. Especially good for large-volume retail carton packages, we will produce perfectly packed cartons month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year.

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