Flow Wrapping Fin Seal Film

Fin Seal Flow Wrap Package

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  • Plain or printed film for horizontal flow wrapping systems
  • Full-color printed laminate structures very popular for snack and protein bars
  • Simple single layer films for fast bulk packaging
  • Economical roll stock material for high-speed fin seal packaging

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Fin Seal Flow Wrap Package Fin Seal Flow Wrapping Film Fin Seal Flow Wrapping Film Fin Seal Film Standard and Reverse Orientation Fin Seal Film Offset Orientation

Fin Seal Packaging

Fin seal packaging (also called flow wrapping) is a high-speed, large-volume process of loosely containing a product in sealed tamper-resistant film. Seals are created at two ends of the package, with another seal, the fin seal, along the middle of the back of the package.

This popular packaging method is often used for small food products such as snack bars, printed material such as magazines and mailers, collector trading cards, and promotional premiums.

Plain and Printed Film

Pro Pac supplies flow wrapping film in all available materials. Fin seal material can be clear or opaque, printed or plain, single-layer film or multi-layer laminate structures.

Simple single-layer polypropylene film is perfect for protecting your products for bulk packing.

Custom printed multi-layer laminates, possibly with metalized polypropylene and other barrier materials, are specifically designed for each individual food product. Barrier film made for MAP gas flushing will extend the shelf life of deli and other food products.

Other films are formulated to comply with mailing standards, perfect for large mailing projects and premiums.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your flow wrapping fin seal film.

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