Horizontal Flow Wrapping Film

Flow wrapping, aka horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS),is a high-speed, horizontal, large-volume process of loosely containing a product in sealed tamper-resistant film. Seals are created at two ends of the package, with another seal, the fin seal, along the middle of the back of the package.

This popular packaging method is often used for small food products such as snack bars, printed material such as magazines and mailers, collector trading cards, and promotional premiums.

Pro Pac supplies flow wrapping film in all available materials, including clear or opaque, printed or plain, single-layer film or multi-layer laminate structures.

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Horizontal Flow Wrapping Roll Stock Films

An extremely wide range of high-quality custom film materials deliver the most effective packaging solutions for your specific application.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Barrier Films

A broad variety of barrier films protect products from degradation due to oxygen or moisture based on toughness, sealant strength and specific barrier requirements.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Laminated Films

A wide range of laminated films trap printing between film layers to prevent ink from scuffing off a surface print.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Extruded Films

Film extrusion converts polymers, usually from pellets, into a continuous, uniform film.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Fundamental Film Materials

Basic film materials make up the foundation of many laminated and barrier film structures.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Film Printing Capabilities

For your custom horizontal flow wrapping film, we offer a variety of printing capabilities, including digital, flexographic and rotogravure.

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