Horizontal Flow Wrapping Extruded Films

Flow Wrapping Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Extruded Film Rolls

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  • Film extrusion converts polymers, usually from pellets, into a continuous, uniform film
  • Extruded films are formed through a blown or cast process
  • Printing capabilities include digital, flexographic and rotogravure

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Efficient Sophisticated Extruded Films

Our film manufacturers have extrusion lines that are among the largest and most efficient in the industry. Millions of pounds of film are extruded and converted annually, many with a variety of proprietary formulations.

Film extrusion is a method of converting polymers, usually from pellets, into a continuous, uniform film. Extruded films are formed through a blown or cast process. After the film is formed, it is slit it to the application's required width.

Extruded Horizontal Flow Wrapping Films Include

Custom packaging film from Pro Pac has a wide range of properties and options.

  Barrier films
  Polystyrene sheets
  Sourced base films
  Synthetic papers
  Many more

Printing Capabilities

We offer a variety of pouch printing capabilities, including digital, flexographic and rotogravure with specialty inks and full-gloss, gloss / matte combination, or full-matte finishes.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your flow wrapping film.

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