Sealed Tray Packaging

Tray lidding film covers and seals containers to keep food fresh. Lidding film offers several important functions such as branding, product visibility, barrier properties, enhanced shelf life, tamper-evidence, and ability to re-close. Sealing the tray protects your food product during production, packaging, and distribution processes.

Print the lidding film for a simple yet effective finished retail package. Use the perfect lidding film designed for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to extend the shelf life of fresh and ready-to-eat foods.

When packaged inside a retail folding carton, frozen food products are often sealed in a rigid tray with clear film, and proper lidding film can help prevent ice build-up during retail and consumer storage.

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Advantages of Tray Lidding Film

The right lidding film protects your product, enhances your brand, and improves your product's shelf life - which can increase your distribution radius.

Types of Tray Lidding Film

We offer a wide range of lidding films to ensure that tray and film are perfectly matched within very tight specifications to provide optimum performance and minimize waste.

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