Advantages of Tray Lidding Film

Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging (MAP) - Sealed Tray

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  • Provide tamper evident properties to alert interference with your product
  • Decrease food waste and extend distribution by prolonging shelf life
  • Front-and-center, prime space on tray lidding film can be used to display your branding

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Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging (MAP) - Sealed Tray Variety of Small Sealed Tray Condiments Lidding Film for Mono-PET/rPET Trays Sealed Tray TV Dinner Sealed Cup of Hummus Sealed Container of Fresh Fruit Sealed Tray with Shrink-Tight Tray Lidding Film Sealed Tray Meat with Color-Preserving Lidding Film

Many Benefits and Uses for Lidding Film

The right lidding film protects your product, enhances your brand, and improves your product's shelf life - which can increase your distribution radius.

  Features and Benefits
  Remains clear under refrigeration with anti-fog technology.
  Designed with moisture, light, oxygen and odor barriers as needed to extend shelf life of food products.
  Runs on modified atmosphere or standard vacuum packaging equipment.
  Available in printed and unprinted options.
  Available with reclosable feature.
  Creates a tight, wrinkle-free finished product for premium presentation.
  Tamper evidence capabilities.

Product Protection

Lidding film can provide tamper evident properties and alert the consumer to potential interference with your product. A package with tamper-evident packaging can provide customers assurance to purchase your products. Tray lidding also provides a layer of protection between your product and outside elements and excessive handling.

Improved Shelf Life

Tray lidding film can help decrease food waste and potentially extend distribution by prolonging the shelf life of your product. An extended product shelf life benefits the environment and satisfies your consumer. The correctly chosen lidding film helps control the proper amount of gas exchange between the elements inside the packaging and outside elements. Your product and packaging chemistry will guide the type of lidding film needed.

Brand Awareness

Front-and-center, prime space on tray lidding film can be used to display your branding information, your logo, company name, key distinctions between your product and competitor products. If seeing your product helps to sell it, print your branding on some of the clear lidding film, letting consumers see your product and associate it with your brand.

Common Uses For Lidding Film

  Frozen Foods: Helps keep food frozen and prevent freezer burn.
  Chips and Snacks: Helps protect food from moisture and humidity keeping food fresh.
  Bakery Goods: Helps prevent food from drying out or becoming stale.
  Meat Trays: Substitute for lids and tray covers on meat trays.
  Dairy Lidded Cups: Keeps dairy fresh under rigid lid.
  Deli Meals: With MAP, extends shelf life and prevents food from becoming dry.

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