Types of Tray Lidding Film

Lidding Film for Mono-PET/rPET Trays

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  • Anti-fog, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) shrink-tight barrier films designed to be used with foam or rigid trays
  • Lidding films designed for mono-PET and rPET trays are suitable for ready meals, proteins, and fresh cuts
  • Specially developed resealable lidding films sealed on trays are designed to be opened and closed multiple times

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Lidding Film for Mono-PET/rPET Trays
Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging (MAP) - Sealed Tray
Variety of Small Sealed Tray Condiments
Sealed Tray TV Dinner
Sealed Cup of Hummus
Sealed Container of Fresh Fruit
Sealed Tray with Shrink-Tight Tray Lidding Film
Sealed Tray Meat with Color-Preserving Lidding Film

A Variety of Tray Lidding Film for a Variety of Packages

We offer a wide range of lidding films for use with most thermoformed and APET, PP and PE lined trays. We ensure that tray and film are perfectly matched within very tight specifications to provide optimum performance and minimize waste. Peel strength, product cooking methods, print quality, degradability, product respiration rates and resealability all play a part in choosing the right lidding film for your product.

Shrink-Tight Tray Lidding Film

This anti-fog, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) tray lidding film delivers outstanding product presentation. Shrink-tight barrier films can be used with foam or rigid trays and are ideal for all fresh proteins including meat, poultry, and fish.

  Features and Benefits
  Barrier film is up to 50% lighter and thinner than traditional laminates, helping to improve sustainability.
  Seals in freshness to extend shelf life and prevent leaks and odors.
  Improved packaging productivity with 40% to 50% less downtime than traditional laminates.
  Extra thin, high-barrier and abuse-resistant film.
  Anti-fog, glossy lidding.
  Hermetic seals.
  Compatible with high-speed manual and automatic lidding machines.
  PP and PE sealant.

Lidding Film for Mono-PET/rPET Trays

Lidding films designed for mono-PET and rPET trays are suitable for ready meals, proteins, and fresh cuts. Designed to enhance product presentation and consumer experience, these films are thin, light, anti-fog, and glossy.

  Features and Benefits
  Smooth, wrinkle-free, drum-effect lids help products look their best at retail point-of-sale.
  Hermetic, leak-proof sealing.
  Co-extruded films for tray lidding and thermoforming modified atmosphere applications.
  High tolerance to equipment settings.

Meat Color-Preserving Lidding Film

This tight-fitting, space-saving tray lidding film achieves optimal presentation of fresh meats. The innovative modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) lidding film delivers film contact with fresh proteins such as beef, duck, lamb, pork, and veal, without any discoloration of the meat.

  Features and Benefits
  No discoloration of meat appeals to consumers, helping drive sales and reduce waste.
  Compatible with foam or rigid, shallow trays to save space by up to 40% and reduce supply chain costs.
  Tight packaging maximises retail shelf space and allows for vertical display to boost sales.
  Printable, thin, high-barrier, anti-fog shrink film.
  Suitable for wide range of fresh meats.

Resealable Lidding Films

Resealable lidding films sealed on trays are designed to be opened and closed multiple times. Resealable lidding films are perfect for tray-packaged foods that have more than one serving. The package can opened and resealed for each serving, keeping food fresh between servings.

Cold and Hot Lidding Films

Cold lidding films are specially designed to function well in applications with very cold temperatures such as refrigerated and frozen foods, cut fruit, vegetables and other produce. Cold lidding films adhere to PET, PS, HIPS PLA coated trays. Hot lidding films are specially designed to work well in aplications with hot temperatures utilizing ovenable CPET plastic trays as well as PET coated ovenable paperboard trays. Hot lidding films adhere to CPET, PP, OPS, PS, APET coatings, HIPS, HDPE trays.

Tamper Evident Lidding Films

Lidding films with tamper evidence capabilities help food manufacturers and grocery stores protect their products from tampering. Often made of a thicker material tamper-evident lidding film has a unique design that helps to identify if the trayed package has been opened. Most tamper evident lidding film features a perforated line that runs along the seal of the film. If the lidding film has been tampered with, this line will be broken.

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