Blister Packaging Materials

Blister packaging from Pro Pac is perfect for small consumer and industrial products that require a high level of security as well as product visibility. In a blister package, your product is placed in a thermoformed, clear plastic tray (the blister). The blister is heat sealed to a paperboard backer (the blister card).

Stock blisters and combo-printed cards are a low-cost option for blister packaging. Custom-shaped blisters with custom-printed cards provide a more high-value package for your products.

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Benefits of Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is an extremely popular type of packaging with a powerful list of benefits.

Types of Blister Packaging

Blister packaging has many construction options to create the perfect package for your product.

Stock and Custom Blister Packaging

Select the right stock and custom options for the best blister package for your product.

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