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Trapped Blister Package

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  • Blisters are perfect for small consumer and industrial products
  • Provides high level of security and product visibility
  • Blister packaging has a clear plastic bubble sealed to a printed card to be displayed on retail peg hooks

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Trapped Blister Package Trapped Blister Package Front Face Blister Package

Custom and Stock Blister Packaging

Our blisters are perfect for small consumer and industrial products that require a high level of security and product visibility. Also called carded packaging, clear blisters are backed by a printed card for branding and product features.

Blister packaging is an inexpensive, secure way to market small consumer and industrial products. In a blister package, your product is placed in a thermoformed, clear plastic tray (the blister). The blister is heat sealed to a paperboard backer (the blister card). Blister packaging allows your products to be clearly as well as securely displayed for consumers.

Benefits of Blister Packaging

Product Visibility and Branding – Display your product through the clear plastic blister. Present your branding and product features on the paperboard blister card.

Cost-Effective – Work with us to keep your packaging costs as low as possible. Blister packaging is very cost-effective while providing high-value shelf appeal.

Short Lead Times – Meet your retailer deadlines with our fast turn around that gets your product to market as quickly as possible.

Tamper Evident – Protect your product in a sealed blister package and give your consumers peace of mind.

Types of Blister Packaging

Face Seal – A flanged thermoformed blister and a paperboard blister card. The product is secured in the package by heat-sealing the flange of the plastic blister to the front face of the blister card.

Full Face Seal – A thermoformed plastic blister is heat sealed to a paperboard blister card with a full face seal covering the entire front of the package. A full face seal adds durability and reduces the risks of bent corners on the blister card.

Mock Clamshell – Mock clamshells have the look of a full face seal blister, and also include a small flange around the perimeter of the package that creates greater depth and security.

Trapped Blister – A thermoformed blister is sealed between two blister cards instead of being sealed directly to the front of one coated card. This method of sealing creates a very secure package.

Stock vs. Custom Blister Tooling

Tooling for a thermoformed blister can be a stock design. Or our experienced design team can create a fully-custom blister tool that works closely with the shape of your product.

Stock Blister Tooling
No tooling cost
Low minimum quantities
Faster lead times
Limited choice
Lower cost
Custom Blister Tooling
Blister is custom-designed to fit your product
Ability to design more features
Wide selection of materials and design possibilities
Higher perceived value than stock options
Larger monetary and time investment

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