Types of Blister Packaging

Front Face Blister Package

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  • Many construction options create the perfect package
  • Simple low-cost to sophisticated high-value packaging
  • Enhance your product, your brand, and utilize a strong secure package

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Front Face Blister Package Trapped Blister Package Trapped Blister Package

The Right Type of Blister Packaging for Your Product

Blister packaging has many construction options to create the perfect package for your product.

Single-Seal Blister Card
Available in a variety of seal types, a single-seal is coated and heat-sealed to a thermoformed blister part. Is also available in tear-resistant material. Seal coating can be applied to the face or the back, depending on package requirements.

Face Seal
The most common type of blister package, a front face blister package includes a flanged thermoformed blister and a paperboard backing card. The flange of the blister is securely heat-sealed to the front of the blister card.

Full Front Face Seal
A full front face seal blister package has a plastic blister flange that covers and is sealed to the entire front (full face) of the package. The flange of the blister that extends to the edges of the blister card, providing added security and durability, reducing the risk of bent corners on the blister card.

Mock Clamshell
Mock clamshells have the look of a full face seal blister, but also include a small flange around the perimeter of the package. This style of blister package is especially popular with custom packages with a shape that strongly indentifies with the brand of the product.

Fold-Over Blister Card
Fold-over blister cards utilize a folded hinged card allowing for both the front and back of the package to have maximum full-color printed billboard space. Or, instead of using two separate cards, the hinged card can have a die cut hole in the front panel for the blister to create a trapped blister package.

Trapped Blister
A trapped blister provides excellent product security, making theft of the product from the package almost impossible. Trapped blister utilizes two printed cards, a front and back card. The front card has a die cut hole for the blister shape to come through. The flange of the blister is sealed and trapped between the front and back cards that are sealed together. With the plastic blister sealed between two cards, trapped blisters are more tamper-resistant than face seal blister packages being sealed to the front of a coated card.

Double Trapped Blister
Double trapped blister package provides visibility of the front and back of your product with two blisters; one emerging through the front card and a second emerging through the back card.

All-Paper Blister
Made completely of paper - including the blister - more of the package surface is available for full-color printing. Depending on printing options, an all-paper blister package can be a more easily recycable option than a traditional plastic and paper blister package.

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