Shrink Bundling Film

Shrink Bundling Film

At a Glance

  • Shrink bundling film can be clear, printed with a repeated pattern, or print-registered art
  • A little thicker and more puncture resistant than other grades of film
  • Securely contains your bundled product

To provide you with the best pricing, we require a minimum order of one pallet of material.

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Shrink Bundling Film Printed Shrink Bundling Film

Multi-Pack Bottles and Cans with Shrink Bundling Film

Great for moving a lot of retail product, shrink bundling film solves a wide variety of retail and industrial packaging needs. Shrink bundled packaging provides a cost-effective way to multi-pack your products.

Polyethylene bundling film is a little thicker and more puncture resistant than other grades of film, securely containing your bundled product. Completely enclose your product or wrap with a bull's eye enclosure. Bundle your multi-packed products in trays, on corrugated pads, or unsupported packaging.

No-Print, Repeat Print, or Registered Print

Shrink bundling film can be completely clear, printed with a repeated pattern, or print-registered art. No-print film is often used for shipping. Custom print-registered film is used for retail.

For retail products, bundle wrapping brings extraordinary flexibility to quickly change advertising promotions and campaigns. Shrink bundle multiple retail products into combo, variety, and rainbow packs.

AEP Shrink Bundling Films

Item Features
HBF-100High strength all purpose bundle film
HBF-154High strength bundle film with enhanced modulus
HBF-300High strength bundle film with enhanced sealability
FBF-300High strength bundle film with enhanced shrink and clarity
LBF-501Higher strength, clarity, good modulus with more puncture resistance
LBF-502Excellent go-to film for 2 roll applications, superior strength, tear and puncture resistance, recommend for freezer applications
HCM-200All purpose 1 or 2 roll applications with excellent overall optics, low haze, high gloss, highest clarity film in its class
FOF-P3Film-on-film overwrap, custom specification for your application

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