Shrink Bundling Film

Great for moving a lot of retail product, shrink bundling film solves a wide variety of retail and industrial packaging needs. Shrink bundled packaging provides a cost-effective way to multi-pack your products.

Multi-packs are created by grouping multiple individual products into a single tightly wrapped and sealed package. Shrink bundling film is wrapped around the group of products from the leading face of the group, over the top, around the back face, and under the bottom. The wrapped group is conveyed through a heat tunnel where the film is melted a little to shrink to then shrink tightly as it cools exiting the tunnel. The multi-pack bundle can include a simple corrugated pad or tray that supports the group of products, or the bundles can be unsupported with no pad or tray.

No-print film is often used for shipping from production facilities to DCs and retail stores where products are removed from the bundled package to be sold individually. Custom full color print-registered shrink bundling film is used as the finished multi-pack retail package.

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What Is Shrink Bundling Film?

Shrink bundling film is a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) packaging material designed for use with shrink bundlers and heat tunnel systems.

Types of Shrink Bundling Films

Match the right shrink bundling film with your product, your machinery, and your product requirements - all with a focus to keep your packaging material costs as low as possible.

Full-Color Printed Shrink Bundling Film

Advanced printing technologies create eye-catching packaging. Printed shrink bundling film provides a full-color highly-adaptable package to advertise your product on the shelf.

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